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Virtual Wig Classes


Meet the Instructor/Owner

Virtual classes will consist of different classes which include different videos for different wig making levels. All classes are self paced and all lessons can be purchased or rented. Pricing for each segment varies.


Wig Basics: Beginner friendly and consists of videos on the basics of wig making. new videos added monthly. There will be 5 courses in this class which will include the following lessons:

SEGMENT 1: Instructor intro +presentation of all items needed to make a wig POSTED 11/18/19 - available to rent and/or buy.

SEGMENT 2: Bleaching Knots 101 POSTED 11/18/19 - available to rent and/or buy.

SEGMENT 3: Cap measurements and wig cap prepping 

SEGMENT 4: Threading the needle, track placement, & basic hand sewing techniques. 

SEGMENT 5: Hairline plucking 101

Lets talk Wigs: This virtual class will include wig discussions on all levels. From beginner level using that hand sewing method to discussion pertaining to the sewing machine method. The instructor will discuss which caps are used to make Lay wigs, what kind of thread, mannequin head, bleach & developer levels and more. In this course you will be able to interact with the instructor and other students by asking and seeing their question/discussions. 

First discussion video posts 11/23/2019

More classes will be added monthly. Intermediate & Advanced