South Indian Raw Closures
  • South Indian Raw Closures

    THE BEST HAIR WE HAVE! TOP QUALITY RAW INDIAN 4x4 CLOSURES NOW IN STOCK. 4x4 closures only. Raw Indian Hair. The curly closure here is 100% natural from donors with naturally curly hair. Closure may slightly differ from bundles, as no bundles look identically they same. Closure Lengths below 20" are well curled where as lengths above 20" are more of a loose wave. 100% Natural texture and can be 100% straightened and always come back to exact same curl pattern when wet! Hair can be colored. Pressed. Curled. Straightened and more as if it were your real hair. ORIGIN: Southern Indian temple.Additional 3 day processing time. View FAQ PAGE for details on processing time.HAIR CARE:The natural raw hair needs to be nourished and hence requires more care. It needs to be moisturised and brushed on a regular basis with a wide tooth comb. No refunds. No exchanges. All sales are final.

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