Plastic Styling Clips
  • Plastic Styling Clips

    Details & features:
    BETTER VALUE THAN METAL HAIRCLIPS: Our plastic hairpins are better than metal clips. These duck teeth bows are sturdy, and yet so convenient to use. They are anti-rust, and can hold your hair tight while applying your face mask and wash your face.
    HIGH QUALITY METAL SPRING: Value pack of 12 with a high elasticity spring which lasts long even after repeated use. Impacts longevity on the unit making your clips last longer.
    AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS: Awesome hair clips for extensions available in multiple bright colors, so you can select the color you desire based on your mood and preferences at any point in time. Available in Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow and Blue.
    VERSATILE HAIR CLIPS: Versatile hair clips for sports, party, formal and casual hair care needs. Great asset for hair stylists for hair styling, harnessing braids and keeping hair under control when applying make-up.
    ANTI-SLIP ERGONOMIC GRIP: These clips for extensions have anti slip particles on the ergonomic grip which lets you handle your hairpins with just two fingers without them slipping, even with wet hands.

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