Lace Tape & Gel
  • Lace Tape & Gel

    lace front wig tape lace front tape wig adhesive tape waterproof lace wigs tape cc contour double sided hair wig tape for wigs toupees hair pieces and hair extension.
    No shiny effect: 
    The double-sided wig tapes come in matt blue, will not make the connection between the hairpiece and scalp eye-catching. 
    User-friendly shape: 
    C shape design allow you to secure hair products with the lace wig adhesive tapes according to the curve of your head, no need to spend time to scissor them. 
    Fit various hair products: 
    You can use the lace front wig tapes to give a help to wear wigs, lace closure, men's toupee and hair extension. 
    Size: 3 inch/ 7.6 cm and 0.88 inch/ 2.2 cm 
    Color: blue 
    Material: adhesive tape
    GOT 2 BE GEL:
    SCREAMING HOLD: Create stiff, stand up spikes or an unstructured, messy look
    WATER RESISTANT: Delivers hold so strong, your style will last
    WIND-TUNNEL TESTED: Tested to withstand intense conditions including wind
    USE FOR: Screaming hold; spike, grip, chunk
    IN THE BOX: Pack includes three 6 ounce Spiking Hair Glue tubes for a total of 18 ounces

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