Beetles Acrylic 2oz
  • Beetles Acrylic 2oz

    Features & details
    Beetles Acrylic Powder: Include one bottle clear acrylic powder, 2OZ/ jar without acrylic monomer liquid. Perfect choice for nail art designs at home.
    High Quality: No Need Lamp, Saving time, Smooth Surface, Superior Adhesion, Long-lasting, Chip-resistant, Non-Yellowing, Bubble-free, Extraordinary Clarity. Colors stay vibrant for weeks
    Beetles Acrylic Powder System doesn't need a nail lamp to cure, which can avoid turning skin black and damaging skin from a nail lamp. compatible with all acrylic liquid systems. You can use any acrylic liquid with our Acrylic Powder.
    Acrylic Nail Powder is formulated by experts and used by high-quality material. It's optimized for all seasons and can be used in warm or cold climates.
    WARNING: May product an allergic reaction by skin contact. Read directions for use carefully. For professional use only. Only used for nail. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and skin. Rinse them immediately should the product comes into contact with them. If there is any incident, contact the doctor immediately. Stop using the product if redness and itching develop. If the symptom persists, consult a doctor. Keep out of the reach of children.

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