48-Piece Sets
  • 48-Piece Sets

    The Nail Box now offers custom, build your own gift sets. These sets make the perfect gift and are good if you love getting sets from LH&C. You pick the color, length, shape, bling, and designs for all sets. This gift bundle includes:-4 full sets (48 pieces)-1 Nail Glue-tabs on nails-1 Nail File-1 Cuticle Pusher-4 alcohol padsAll sets include the standard sizes 0,2,3,4,5,6/7 - standard sizes fit most. If you have noticeably larger or smaller nail beds feel free to purchase a sizing kit for exact sizing. Those measurements will be used whenever you order a custom set(s) only.  Gift sets include large bow on packaging. This is the base price for all sets. Bling, designs, matte top coat, etc is additional. View additional info section or the FAQ page for a breakdown of pricing and details.NAIL ADD ONS: BLING & DESIGN PRICING•Ombré Nails w| Polish: $2 per finger/$10 for all 10 fingers. •Matte Nails: $1 per finger/$7 for all 10 fingers. •Simple Bling/Jewels: $2 (per finger)•A Little Bling/Jewels (half finger coverage): $3 (per finger)•More Bling/Junk Nails (full nail coverage): $4 per finger)•Line designs & foils: $1 (per finger)$2 for full nail coverage
    Set Options
    • Refund and Return Policy

      No refunds and no returns. ALL sales are final on ALL products.

    • Color, Bling & Design Pricing


      You can choose any color. All colors are available. These are gel sets. If you want a "funky" color that you may not know if I have, please send a photo by using the chat link in the bottom right corner or send it via instagram at nailsby_layhairandco.


      a little bling = $1 per nail. This includes small, simple bling.

      more bling = $2 per nail. This includes small and medium bling. Includes half nail coverage.

      more bling & junk nails = $4 per nail. This includes small, medium, and large bling. Includes full nail coverage. 


      foils = $1 per finger/$2 for full nail coverage.

      flakes = $1 per finger.

      line designs = $1 per finger.

      marble design = $1 per finger.

      simple desigsn = $1 per finger.

      difficult designs = $3 per finger.

      TOP COAT:

      Gel top coat is included for no charge. IF you want a MATTE finish it will be an additional $3.


      all payments for bling and designs must be paid by invoice. An invoice will be sent for the additional fees per set. 

    • Set Length Description

      -Short Square & Almond = 2 of each

      -Medium Square & Almond = 2 of each

      -Medium Square & Ballerina = 2 of each

      -Long Ballerina & Coffin = 2 of each

      -Long Ballerina & Stiletto = 2 of each

      Long Coffin = all 4 sets

      Long Ballerina = all 4 sets

      Long Stiletto = all 4 sets

      Long Stiletto & Almond = 2 of each

      Extra Long Ballerina = all 4 sets

      Extra Long Stiletto = all 4 sets

      Medium Square & Long Coffin = 2 of each

      Medium Square & Long Ballerina = 2 of each

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