10 Piece Sets
  • 10 Piece Sets

    **FREESTYLED 10 PIECE SETS INCLUDE SIZES & 5. If you have noticeably larger or smaller nail beds (or long nails you don’t plan on cutting before using our press on nails) please order a sizing kit. All press on nails are made using Gel polish and a top or matte coat. Lengths and shapes vary. All sets in this collection include 10 nails per package. Each nails has a sticky adhesive on the back for a glueless application or adhesive will be included in packaging. Nail glue included ONLY. All nails are reusable and can be used multiple times. if you place an order for more then one set, you will only receive one glue for every 3 sets per order. Add on glue in your cart. Wholesale options include glue, file, and cuticle pushers for all sets per order. All 10 piece sets come in a plastic pouch with 1 nail glue. sets also include adhesive tabs.

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