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Lay Hair & Cosmetics Frontal Wig Online Course

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Hi Lay Babes. This online frontal wig course includes segments on wig making broken down. Wig making is a 6-figure + industry. Become your own boss after taking this course. They include videos and notes explaining the steps you see the instructor taking during that segment. This course includes test questions to test your knowledge. Learn track placement, frontal placement, hairline plucking, frontal and track quick sewing techniques, how to bleach knots, flattening, and styling. Go at your own pace and play the videos back if need be. A full wig kit from Lay Hair & Cosmetics is available and can be sent to you before the course if you would like to follow along. Available for purchase under the DIY wigs tab. Certificate of completion will be sent via email for all personnel who finish the course. Lets create!

You can also join this program via the mobile app.





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